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The company is located in the world-famous Chinese "the first village in the world" — Huaxi Village,Surrounded by beautiful scenery and developed traffic.

Prospects for environmental protection segment are promising Environmental protection equipment welcomes new opportunities

Environmental protection is the core issue of social and industrial development. The continuous increase in national policies has ushered in a large development opportunity for environmental protection equipment. The development prospects of water, air, solid waste, soil and environmental testing in various sub-areas are also very impressive.

Introduction to the precautions when operating the gravure press

1. Do not put your hand into the running part of the machine during operation, especially the pinch roller. 2. When checking the machine, the main power switch on the main control cabinet must be turned off.

Use of dry laminating machine in high temperature and high humidity weather

I. Effect of high temperature and high humidity weather on dry composite We all know that most of the dry compounding is a two-liquid reaction type polyester or polyurethane type binder. However, its performance generally differs depending on the choice of isocyanate, the molecular structure of the polyester polyol, the degree of polymerization, the functional group, and the mixing ratio.
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