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The structural characteristics of the coating machine

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The "carving wheel coating machine" and "reverse coating machine" determine the amount of coating liquid during coating, and can be classified as the "expected amount of coating".

The "carving wheel coating machine" and "reverse coating machine" determine the amount of coating liquid during coating, and can be classified as the "expected amount of coating". On the other hand, the method of first applying excess coating liquid and then scraping off the excess coating liquid according to the target amount belongs to "coating after measurement". Devices such as "scraper type coating machine" and "scraper drum coating machine" can set the shape and gap of the drum, as well as the mechanical scraping amount and film thickness. The device consists of a scraper roller, a support roller, and a liquid tank. The coating liquid located in the liquid tank is transferred from the gap between the rotating support roller and the fixed scraper roller to the substrate mesh roller. The coating thickness is set through the gap between the support roller and the scraper roller. It is necessary to pay attention to the assembly and swing accuracy of the carrier roller, the blade accuracy of the scraper roller, and the adjustment accuracy of the roller gap, in order to avoid turbulence affecting the stability of the coating through the substrate seam and resulting in leakage. Its characteristic is that the coating roller is equipped with a scraper, which is also known as a circular plate or comma roller type due to the different shapes of the scraper. In the coating method, the coating liquid will accumulate between the coating roller and the substrate, and the ideal film thickness can be obtained by scraping off the excess coating liquid on the plate. It is generally believed to be suitable for forming high viscosity coating solutions and thick films, but with the diversification of devices, it is also suitable for various film thicknesses. In addition to these methods, there are also many methods suitable for different applications of coatings, substrates, and coating fluid properties. The combination of different shapes of gluing rollers, various reverse and offset gluing rollers, and various gluing rollers and methods forms a rich and diverse gluing method. Below is a brief introduction.
Use scraper and roller to maintain film thickness and apply smoothly at high speed. Care must be taken to avoid streaks (linear defects). Supplying the coating liquid from the liquid chamber can reduce the release of solvent odor and viscosity changes, making it more convenient to replace the scraper. Used for straight carving wheels, inverted carving wheels, etc. After the coating is completed, wipe it evenly with a straight rod and install it. Suitable for micro high-speed coating at the bottom and top. Suitable for water-based coating solutions. After coating, wipe the seat cushion evenly with air pressure. Its advantage is that it is not easily affected by substrate thickness and surface concavity. In addition to the methods mentioned above, for various conditions, in order to achieve high-precision/high-speed smooth coating and pattern coating installation, various coating methods and combinations are also used. Below are some examples of the use of coatings and the development trends of coating equipment. With the increasing demand for lightweight and high-performance smartphones and tablets, miniaturization and high-density components, rechargeable batteries, and solar cells, as well as the high-performance of automobiles, building materials, and fibers, there is an increasing demand for mass production of thin film coating technology.


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