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HTL-Y-MR High Speed Gravure Printing Machine (Thermal Transfer Printing Of Decorative Materials)


Product description


Standard model technical parameters

◆ Seven motor tension control system(spindle servo motor), do not stop automatic material replacement, material waste is very small, vertical alignment control by automatic alignment system, horizontal alignment by manual adjustment;
◆ The structure of the rotating frame in the form of cross arm, and the loading and unloading of raw materials by means of safety chuck and air expansion shaft;
◆ Unwind shaft max diameter: 800mm/1000mm;
◆ Rewind shaft max diameter: 800mm/1000mm;
◆ The printing roller adopts a shaft less pneumatic locking mode, The structure of the imprint cots is a structure of three roll direct press;
◆ The whole wallboard material is cast in high strength castings;
◆ Drying system: The standard configuration is an electric heating system;
◆ The standard configuration is equipped with an ink transfer roller device, and the speed of this device can be independently adjusted;
◆ The structure of the drying box has a unique energy-saving effect;
◆ Both unwinding and winding units have forward and reverse running functions.

Optional component parameters

◆ Unwinding or winding unit frame of diamond structure or round structure
◆ Fixed or removable reverse printing device(top mounting or bottom reverse loader structure)
◆ Heat pump drying system, gas enrichment + emission reduction drying system, steam drying system
◆ Ionic wind electrostatic elimination system
◆ Horizontal automatic alignment system
◆ Variable data two-dimensional code printing system
◆ Online quality inspection system
◆ Independent unit fixed point drive control systemBoth unwinding and winding units have forward and reverse running functions.

Main technical data

Mechanical speed 220m/min
Material length in the drying oven 2100mm
Standard mechanical width range 1250mm   1450mm   1650mm ( Customizable)
Range of printed materials Wood grain paper, glassine paper, kraft paper, PET, and other packaging materials
All of the above are conventional products, can also be based on customer demand for the production of unconventional products




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