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HTL-F-A Single Station Compound Machine


Product description


Standard model technical parameters

◆ Three motor tension control system;
◆ Oven + winding unit floating roller tension control, first, second unwinding unit tension sensor + magnetic powder tension control;
◆ Use air expansion shaft to load and unload raw materials;
◆ Unwind shaft max diameter: 600mm;
◆ Rewind shaft max diameter: 800mm;
◆ The airlock shaft locking method is pneumatic locking;
◆ The net roller is a shaft structure, the three roller direct pressure mode;
◆ The whole wallboard material is cast in high strength castings;
◆ Drying system: The standard configuration is an electric heating system;
◆ Three-roller direct pressure composite roll structure;
◆ Standard configuration preheat roll cooling roll;
◆ The structure of the drying box has a unique energy-saving effect;
◆ Mechanical speed: 180M/min;
◆ Maximum compound speed: 160M/min.

Optional component parameters

◆ Heat pump drying system, gas enrichment + emission reduction drying system, steam drying system
◆ Ionic wind electrostatic elimination system
◆ Fixed point coating or fixed point compound drive control system

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