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Electronic axis printing machine, a new choice for digital printing

Electronic axis printing machine is a new type of digital printing equipment with precise and environmentally friendly characteristics, widely used in industries such as book printing and packaging printing. The following five topics will introduce information related to electronic axis printing machines.




Electronic axis printing machine brings revolutionary printing experience

The electronic axis printing machine is a revolutionary device in the printing industry today, and its precise and stable printing characteristics have been highly sought after by printing manufacturers. For the continuous upgrading and replacement of traditional printing equipment, electronic axis printing machines have conquered this industry with astonishing speed and a brand new printing experience.




Overview of coating machine

This is a method of combining multiple types of rollers together to obtain an ideal coating surface for coating a flat coating material (substrate). Adopting a roller coating system, through various process combinations and refinements, it is suitable for various viscosities of the coating liquid and the thickness of the coating film. In this way, the coating machine can be applied to industries such as electronic materials, optical/liquid crystal products, food, medicine, etc.




The structural characteristics of the coating machine

The "carving wheel coating machine" and "reverse coating machine" determine the amount of coating liquid during coating, and can be classified as the "expected amount of coating".




How does the coating machine work

The coating machine is used for the coating production of BOPP sealing tape. Roll is the process of applying a specific functional adhesive, paint, or ink to the substrate and drying it after winding. Adopting a special high-speed coating head can effectively reduce the generation of bubbles. The film coating machine is equipped with a full speed automatic film receiving and releasing mechanism, and tension closed-loop automatic control.


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