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HTL-F-C dry laminating machine

The HTL-F-C dry laminating machine is a high-speed and high-efficiency product developed by our company based on market demand. It is suitable for the lamination process of BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, NY, AL, paper and other roll like materials, producing a packaging product with excellent packaging characteristics such as high strength, high preservation, and boiling resistance. The equipment has a reasonable structure, simple operation, and is a highly stable and efficient equipment.

Ink intaglio high-speed printing machine

Gravure printing is named after its layout characteristics. The graphic and textual parts of the gravure printing plate are lower than the layout, and it is recessed into the printing plate at different depths? To represent different levels of the original image, with blank areas on the same layout.

Electronic shaft printing machine

The electronic axis control system is based on a gigabit industrial fieldbus, with high-speed real-time communication, distributed switches, and a simple structure.

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